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Siddhivinayak Group (Naupatlal Sakla Enterprise) has over 2 decades of experience in delivering quality real estate developments to their clients. Since their formation in 1987, the organization has developed several Residential, Commercial, Retails, Malls, Multiplex, Hotels & Resorts, Educational to satisfy the needs of customers in Pune. Now, with infusion of the newer generation in the business, they are looking to expand their wings to other parts of Maharashtra with a strong focus on quality construction, good designs, classy amenities and affordable pricing.


With their unending devotion and faith in Lord Ganesha, Siddhivinayak Group is comitted to deliver the best of services to their customers and to be known as one of the most respected real estate company of the country. For them, Ganpati is important. They have an unflinching devotion to the Lord of the People. In fact, they give the credit of their success to Lord Ganesha. Therefore, it was their desire to include Ganpati in their internal branding. However, they wanted to make sure that the creatives shouldn't just be pictures of the lord. It would have some meaning. That is what the major challenge.


Research was proving futile for sometime. But then, Lord Ganesh showed us the way ahead! His life and his identity itself is a big lesson for the world. And, that is what became the basis of our creatives. From his long trunk to his big stomach, everything had a definite message which worked for the goodness of the mankind. This is how we moulded the concept and created the whole series of artworks for Siddhivinayak. While doing this project, we realized, whenever you feel lost, God shows the way ahead!