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Ice Cream – it is not only a dessert, it is more. A glue for a broken heart, a treat for an achiever and a part of every celebration. It’s a bribe, it’s a token of love and so much more! In the current scenario, the frozen dessert has several national and international players. And yet, several local players find their place in the market. Pune based Shreeji Ice Cream is one such family owned player. Renowned in Pune and its neighbouring districts for top-quality frozen dessert. The brand faced challenges in expanding on a national scale. Also, with the third generation taking over the business; the infusion of young blood wanted the brand to be repackaged for bigger challenges.


The main challenge for Shreeji Ice Cream was to preserve the essence of their several decades old legacy and yet establish themselves in the current market scenario. It was imperative to have raw and earthy elements in the design. Also, the logo would be the same and therefore, the new packaging should complement it! And, as we know, the dairy market is mostly dominated by national as well as smaller regional level players, differentiating and standing out amidst such competition was the real challenge.


A well-established brand, Shreeji wanted to reach the younger generation while also retaining their original customers, so we created packaging which would appeal to the aesthetics of the target audience, but not alienate the old customers.