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GeoMediCs Pharma is India’s leading provider of therapeutic and aesthetic solutions. They cater to plastic surgeons, dermatologist with USFDA approved laser devices. They are exclusive partners of several international brands which rule this industry. Therefore, they are instrumental in bringing world’s most advanced technology to our country. Their sister company, Geosmatic Cosmeceuticals and Cosmocare is the foremost company in the aesthetic and therapeutic solutions in the country. They are the pioneers in several preparations which are effective in skin lighting, fungal, acne, pilling, hair care management, skin rejuvenation and sun protectors.


Pharmaceutical packaging is strictly monitored by the Indian government. Therefore, it comes under numerous regulations of design and content. The content on this packaging is a lot and therefore, there is very little space for creativity or design. The challenge here lies in creating design which is eye-catching and yet, fulfilling all the said government regulation.


The research required for this packaging was elaborate. Right from the text to the placement of logo, directions of use, possible side-effects and certifications are predefined. Therefore, our message had to be conveyed with very effective and yet, clean visuals. This packaging had no call-to-action as such. The message for asking patients to use this product was very subtly imbibed in the text and the graphic.