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For Indians, milk is a symbol of purity, so much so that even our Gods are bathed in it! Milk and its products find place in every celebration. From the Diwali sweets to Eid sevaiyyan, milk is the essential element of most Indian desserts. However, our country has a serious problem of milk adulteration. The government has agreed to the fact that 70% of the milk in the country is adulterated. You will be shocked to know that your ‘healthy’ glass of milk comes with a generous helping of corn starch, soap, dye, hormones, pesticides and even sometimes urea. Desi Farms started with the simple idea of delivering pure milk directly to their customer’s doorsteps. They are Pune’s premium producers and distributors of farm-to-home milk/milk products. Committed to deliver a range of top quality raw and pasteurized products, Desi Farms has products like farm fresh milk, paneer, ghee, chaas and many such other products in its vanity. These products are processed in their state-of-the-art ISO 9001-2015 certified dairy complex located in Ahmednagar and are distributed via their cold-chain delivery system.


The main challenge was to effectively communicate the brand’s idea of delivering unadulterated milk that promises nutrition for the whole family. Also, creating an identity which imbibes the raw elements of typical Indian dairy farms. And, as we know, the dairy market is mostly dominated by national as well as smaller regional level players, differentiating and standing out amidst such competition was the real challenge.


To differentiate a new launch in a market filled with national brands, we decided to highlight the fresh, organic, unadulterated aspect of the milk brought by Desi Farms through simple designs that highlights an authentic Indian dairy farm and their direct-to-doorstep delivery.