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SMINQ, a unique name, it is the abbreviation of ‘See Me In No Queue’. This unique mobile app is solving the problem of waiting in queues. It actually takes the physical queues online by providing real time updates. Thereby, making the whole queue process completely transparent. Also, it eliminates the need for being physically present to hold your spot. This unique service dreams of creating a world where time is valued by making every wait transparent. Places which are always known for traditional queues (like hospitals, clinics, banks, restaurants etc), SMINQ will show you the live status of the queue and you can join these queues remotely! A Saturday evening, with SMINQ you can add your name remotely to the waiting list of your favourite restaurant and be just in time.


At the time of the launch, SMINQ was currently looking to just cover clinics and hospital. One of the biggest challenge was awareness. It was necessary to ensure that the audiences understood that this was a service unlike others. Mostly, people thought it was just another booking application. Therefore, the collaterals would have to strongly explain the idea and service of SMINQ. The challenge lied here in creating eye-catching designs and yet, explaining the process and service of SMINQ.


This was the first time we were creating the identity for a mobile app. Therefore, it was necessary to understand the dynamics of the app. Then only, it was possible for us to create marketing collaterals which would we apt for SMINQ. The style used was graphic, which gave it an eye-catching feel and yet preserving its corporate element. The end result was praised by the client and customers equally.