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One of the things that is gaining popularity in India is cold-pressed juice. In the past ten years, the demand for this product has escalated manifold. Traditionally, the juice market in India was dominated by international brands or roadside juicers. With the advent of the cold-pressed revolution in India, local players selling packaged juice started gaining popularity. Pune-based Now Juice, owned by Suvan Foods & Beverages Private Limited, was conceived with the idea of making people fitter and better.


The pricing was a challenge for this product. Choosing a simple and small name was necessary because it would boost the recall value. Therefore, ‘NOW’ was the chosen option. The next challenge was creating a good logo. Also, it was imperative that the logo would catch attention in a showcase. The product should look clean and exclusive, and yet, the logo should have a deep meaning. A simple logo with a deep meaning, it was the biggest challenge which we faced.


The logo created had a curved font, which invoked a fun and youthful element in the brand. Because, a section of the audience youth, working bachelors etc., it would easily carve a niche amongst them! The ‘O’ in ‘NOW’ represents a bottle and the line above is the cap of this bottle. The logo itself imbibes the raw purity and freshness of the cold pressed juice.