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SoFresh is a ready to make idli dosa batter brand launched in Pune to help housewives and young working professionals make crispy golden dosas and soft idlis with ease. With a unique cap-n-go packet and natural, preservative free ingredients SoFresh is both healthy to eat and their packet is easy to reuse.


The brand was to be newly launched and required end to end packaging design, outdoor branding as well as a social media presence to create brand awareness and recall amongst the people of Pune.


We created an attractive packaging design for the brand that stood out from the crowd and was widely appreciated by customers. Our outdoor branding was much appreciated by both shopkeepers and customers. We also created a social media presence for SoFresh from scratch by creating two engaging characters Iddy the Idli and Dosu the Dosa. We capitalised on trending topics, events, special days and the USPs of the brand through our creatives many of which featured Iddy and Dosu. We were also able to reach out to influencers to further popularise the brand organically.