Reasons Why a Strong Brand Identity Designs Important for Your Small Business ?

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1 Response

  1. Ravindra Achyut Deshpande says:

    Very nicely drafted blog.
    Yes I completely agree with this. There should be a strong brand strategy and design to create your identity in the market. But a major concern for me is, how to choose ‘THE AGENCY’ and what is the appropriate cost for it.
    It is really difficult to choose agency.
    I will just share my experience. The process of establishment of my new venture is on. I am looking for a company which can give me solution. Actually it is a start up / new venture; so naturally I am little bit optimistic; like ‘A LOT IN FEW’.
    I came across;
    1. Big Name, extreme professional (A smell of arrogance). though I agreed, but least responsive, So I quit.
    2. Vast experienced, started his own company. Handed over me to one of his team member, who was less receptive, my idea never reached him. Owner is so good friend of mine, he always said to me, you come anytime and get your work through. but this also didn’t work.
    So I really don’t understand how to choose a company, either to decide after seeing their work, website or after meeting their account manager or WHAT?
    These are commonly faced problems, so now I am in touch with ‘the uncommons’. Lets see…