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Identity Design / Logo Design


Yuva Cosmoderm is known for its innovative cosmetology solutions for hair, skin and body management. They provide solutions for conditions like warts, moles, vitiligo, hair loss, thinning, etc. With advanced technology like platelet rich plasma (PRP), mesotherapy, ear lobe repair, etc. they ensure that their customers are taken care of and satisfied with the results. The team of experts at Yuva has been offering services par excellence through a great level of dedication and commitment towards their customers.


As a cosmetology and beauty partner for consumers a major challenge is to retain old and attract new consumers. With a lot of cosmetology clinics in the city offering similar kind of services, it is important to stand out as the one that offers unique services to customers and draw the attention of consumers among the cut-throat competition.


Social media marketing doesn’t help in only attracting new customers but is also vital in maintaining and retaining the old ones. Internet presence with the right amount and form of content is essential in such scenarios. Designing an interesting yet informative website with campaigns on various social media platforms facilitated bringing to notice of the consumers about Yuva.