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PropertyChek is India’s first on-demand title verification, property due diligence and approval checks service Real estate has never been a very transparent industry since time immemorial. With many internet sites providing lists of real estate properties available for sale. PropertyChek does the property papers verification for you, so that you can buy with confidence.


Creating an awareness in the India market about the brand, services and ‘why a property buyer needs the services of PropertyChek’. Being the first mover, the client had a distinct advantage (of being the first player) as well disadvantage (of market being clueless about what they offer). Also, this was a product validation stage, the most important.


Explaining the need for property verification was the hardest part. Which we carried out via a series of small videos. These videos talked about how susceptible you are to real estate fraud. We also launched paid Facebook campaigns which helped the company to gather visibility as well as business leads. We extensively promoted #CHEKKIYAKYA on Facebook and Twitter, which greatly enhanced the brand’s visibility. This was done in tandem with on ground activities, which helped in creating a good buzz on social media.


We did a successful product verification creating awareness and establishing PropertyChek in the Indian market. The concept of why property verification is a necessity was successfully conveyed to the potential customers. The digital as well as the on-ground campaign got good response from the client. Even though the campaign was targeted at Pune only, the hits came from several other cities. The product validation as well as the launch got good response.