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Identity Design / Logo Design


Yuva Cosmoderm is known for its innovative cosmetology solutions for hair, skin and body management. They provide solutions for conditions like warts, moles, vitiligo, hair loss, thinning, etc. With advanced technology like platelet rich plasma (PRP), mesotherapy, ear lobe repair, etc. they ensure that their customers are taken care of and satisfied with the results. The team of experts at Yuva has been offering services par excellence through a great level of dedication and commitment towards their customers.


As a cosmetology clinic that offers unique services for the hair, skin and body, one of the challenges is competing with several others that offer similar unique services it is extremely important to bring to the notice of consumers through various campaigns the services offered for the benefit of the consumers.


PPC marketing helps spreading across the word about campaigns through internet advertising. For Yuva’s hair and body related services such as platelet rich plasma (PRP), mesotherapy, hair transplant, etc. needed to be campaigned about so that all the customers were well-informed about their services. For this, we used adwords, display marketing and remarketing that helped Yuva gain popularity among the customers.