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Virtual Reality is a powerful technology and currently, its potential isn’t getting fully used. It is a tool that can take marketing to a newer paradigm. However, people just assume it is meant for games and entertainment. Delta VR is a startup that wants to change the way Indian market thinks about virtual reality. The services offered by this company include – Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D photography and Digital Marketing. This company is built by young entrepreneurs, who are looking to create a solid footing in this market.


People are still understanding this technology. Therefore, the logo needed to be such that it can be later used in digital as well as the print platform. Also, the identity must be eye-catching, corporate and most importantly, apposite to the company’s business. Awareness was the main challenge for this company. Actually, it was a special case, where technology as well as the company needed awareness exercise.


It was clear in our mind that the logo should look high-tech. For our research, we saw logos from famous technology companies. But, we finally realized that the most important thing is the product itself. And that featured prominently in the logo. The font used thin and classy, which is normally the choice of technology companies. The colour used is green because it looks good on a black as well as a white background.