BRAND IDENTITY – What Makes Your Brand Significant and Unique

In today’s space and time, it is of utmost importance for any company to stand out among competitors and carve a name for itself that the consumers can relate to. Here is where creating a brand identity for themselves comes into picture. A brand or corporate identity is the company’s way of clear communication with the target audience regarding what it does or the kind of products and services it provides. There is a fine line between a brand identity and brand image, where brand identity is name carved by the brand for itself and image is something that is perceived of the brand in the market, and once this is difference is understood it becomes a lot easier to build a brand identity. For example, Amul is a brand recognized all over for the identity it has created and image it has formed in not only minds but hearts of everyone through its name, logo, taglines, print images in newspapers, advertisements, etc.

Let’s imagine a situation where a seller has launched an outstanding product, but that’s about it. Is doing so enough to attract customers? Will just launching products serve the purpose of increasing a strong customer base and improving sales figures? The instant answer is that just doing so is not sufficient. Along with launching an outstanding product there is a requirement of creating a brand identity that helps the product stay in the minds of its customers.

Brand identity and designing is made up of a lot of visual elements and devices put together like logos, marketing and communication forms (print and digital), products, services, packaging, signage (the company’s interior and exterior designs), and something considered small, such as stationery (envelopes, stamps, letterheads, etc.) It is often assumed that a good and strong logo would suffice the need to build a brand identity but in reality, it is only when all these elements come together, is a strong identity design formed that remains in the heads of consumers, forever. It is extremely necessary to build a powerful and influential brand identity to fulfil the purpose of being a unique brand that customers want to pick over others in the market. Navneet will always be chosen for books, Tata for salt, Amul for dairy products and Titan for watches because of the brand identity they have created for themselves.

In a city like Pune, that is booming with different sectors and growing tenfold in each of them it is paramount to build a positive brand identity among the emerging brands and products. There are few identity design agencies in Pune providing brand identity design services, The Uncommons being one such agency. Established in 2014, the company offers 360-degree branding and advertising solutions to a varied client base across the city. To know more about identity branding services, please visit:

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