The ‘BRAND’wagon of Eternal Love!

Love, the single syllable word that describes one of the most beautiful human emotion. However, this word has been used, abused and commercialized in every possible way. Speaking of commercialization of love, which do you think is the most romantic day of the year? You guessed it right – Valentine’s Day! A day that most of people (financially speaking) dread, Valentine’s Day falls in the second/third week of February every year. During this week, you are expected to be supremely romantic!

From times immemorial, romance has been synonymous with poems, painting etc. However, the advent of 21st century changed how you express your love. Love is now about fragrance (read: perfumes), rich taste (read: candies, chocolates) and glitter (read: diamonds). Also, owing to ‘unknown’ reasons, there is an entire ‘Valentine’s week’. Companies making soft toys, chocolates, clothes, fashion and jewellery company even richer.

Every brand is jumping on the Valentine’s day bandwagon! From restaurants to fitness centres and chocolates manufacturers to birth control manufacturers; everyone is trying to hurt your saving by shooting ‘tempting’ offers. Here are just a few perfect ‘references’ to the ‘context!

1. Show Your Love with Online Shopping

Flipkart for instance, this year they are promoting #ShowYourLoveWithFlipkart. It not difficult to guess that Flipkart is taking you down the road of virtual bankruptcy! Also, they are not only exploiting Valentine’s Day, they are getting in your mind and making you buy the most expensive gifts. From book (nice touch) to jewellery, this e-commerce giant has everything your valentine ‘needs’ this year!

Flipkart'S marketing strategy sells the brand as well as the idea of Valentine's Day to you.

Tell Flipkart what would gift your valentine and why, from the Flipkart Valentine Store to stand a chance of winning an attractive gift hamper!
Tell Flipkart what would gift your valentine and why, from the Flipkart Valentine Store to stand a chance of winning an attractive gift hamper!

2. Uber Takes Your Love to Places

Uber, the mobile ride hail giant, has done it again! Last year, they provided helicopter rides to couples in Delhi (taking love is in the air literally). This year, they are ready to make sure the traffic on their app is more than the IRCTC website. Uber has partnered with online travel portal,, to send people on an all-expenses paid weekend getaway for two, to ring in Valentine’s Day. So, love is not only about bank-balance, it also about internet speed and you being a techie.

Take your love up in the air with Uber and's collaborated marketing strategy


Fullscreen capture 11-02-2016 183756.bmp
Here is how the campaign works! Take your love beyond boundaries.


3. Cadbury’s gives you ‘The Courage to Say It Out Loud’

For those who find it difficult to talk to their beloveds, Cadbury has come up with an instant ‘solution’. Along with a catchy #SayItWithSilk, a special pack of their premium chocolate Silk is also introduced. Apparently, by buying a pack of chocolate, you will instantly have the courage to get shot down by a crush!

Dairy Milk Silk gives you a chance to say your love story out loud.


4. Virtual and Real Meeting Venues for Couples

Starbucks is not only serving via espresso, caffe latte, full- and loose-leaf teas this year! The American giant has tied up with the popular dating app TrulyMadly. Share a special message for your partner this Valentine’s with #StarbucksDate & get invited for the special Starbucks Date. They are giving out 10 couple invites to an exclusive evening on 13th Feb ’16 (Valid in Mumbai, Delhi/NCR and Bangalore only.)Together, they will ensure, that you (however socially awkward you may be) have a perfect match this year!

For young coffee lovers, this campaign is definitely a ‘MATCH’ made in heaven.

We are not saying that the brands have lost their way. These are some of the campaigns that come forth with minimal googling. Surely, there will be many more and it is good for the ‘lovebirds’ of the digital era. What’s sad is the fact love has become commercial and the generation is forgetting its true essence.

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