Stay relevant with Twitter & garner maximum engagement

Does your Social Media Marketing plan include promoting on Twitter?

Twitter, the social media platform which recently doubled its character limit, is a popular platform for brands. The engagement is high and real-time interaction is very lucrative for brands. To ensure that your brand is reaching the right kind of audience and attracting the right kind of attraction, begin with drafting a proper bio. It should tell a story about your brand in an interesting way which will compel users to follow you on twitter. Having a proper Social Media plan which is relevant is crucial to build a good brand image. Twitter provides the opportunity to stay most relevant with trending hashtags. Once your brand joins the conversation which revolves around a trending hashtag, it is very likely to grab eyeballs.

It is crucial for Advertising companies in Pune to understand how to draft the most relevant and interesting tweet. It is indeed a challenge for Creative ad agency to draft tweets which will guarantee maximum re-tweets. As a brand owner, ensure that your Content marketing strategy has video content. It has been proven that video content performs better hence it is necessary to have video content. Engagement with your audience is essential and such interesting content usually entices more followers. Timing is also an important factor for a platform like Twitter. Hence studies have reveal that 1–4pm is the best time to Tweet. Also, Twitter gets the most traffic from 9am–3pm, hence your content should be such that it cuts the chase and draws interest of many.

Follow relevant people on Twitter to ensure your brand is reaching out to the right audience. It might seem like a tiny detail but paying heed will go a long way in making your brand popular amongst a wide audience. If you have a digital marketing agency in Pune who handles your Social Media marketing, check with them the strategy they have devised for Twitter. Attention span in this digital age is getting shorter with every passing by, in such a scenario platform like Twitter still stay very relevant for brands. The content is short and defined hence it can capture the attention of the audience in no time. So this new year ask yourself, does your Social Media Marketing plan include promoting on Twitter?

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