Corporate Space Branding Strategy – What Makes a Brand

Corporate Space branding stratergy pune

  Consider this scenario, you are manufacture world’s best hamburgers. However, with your limited budget, it is hard to compete with international burger chains. Even if, these international chains are selling sub-standard products at premium prices, they are making bigger profits! What could be the reason? It doesn’t take a CSI team to figure it […]

Your Business needs that EXTRA Marketing Edge!

The success and failure of any business depends on getting known. In other words, what will determine your success parameter is simply – spreading awareness about your products or services to your potential customers. Everyone knows that! Right. Still, very few startups actually assign a marketing budget. For most, the thought is, ‘We have a […]

How Important is Perception in Advertising?

Agreed, advertising is the most potent tool for companies to get spread awareness about products or services and augment customer base, which ultimately translates to increased sales and profits. Although, there are numerous elements in the psychology of advertising (visual appeal and message). But, perception is the most important and sadly, the most overlooked psychology! […]

Advertising & The World Around Us – The Social Equation!

“Good advertising does not just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind with desires and belief” – Leo Burnett Traditionally, advertising is a form of marketing communication used to promote or sell something, usually a business’s product or service. Agreed, advertising is an important tool for organizations to reach their prospective customers. But, as member […]