How much does food packaging design matter?

Research have shown that a consumer takes around 7 seconds to decide whether to put a product in the cart or not. A dominating factor in this regard is the packaging of the product. A high percentage of customers have tried a product because the packaging caught their eye on the retail shelf. In fact, they often purchase a product again because of the packaging. Packaging is where impression is first created, hence you should rely on a creative food packaging design agency in Pune. A Creative ad agency has the capacity to understand your brand, your product and then design a packaging which will compel the customer to pick it up.

The benefits of packaging aren’t just limited to offline, in fact even in online it has shown results. Product packaging leads customers to research more information about a product, write online reviews that mentions the packaging and post something about that product on social media. It is surprising to know that Indians are far more influenced by food packaging design than their global counterparts. According to a study, the contribution of packaging in overall product satisfaction is put at 71 percent by Indians compared to the 41 per cent global rating. As a brand owner you should pay utmost importance to packaging because your customers are getting exposed to many product categories for the first time.

If you are looking for a Packaging design agency in Pune, make sure to have a checklist. You should do a study of the work done by advertising agency. Focussing on food packaging design will reap benefits in the long run. If you are starting out with a new product, then make sure to invest in packaging. A creative agency will lead you in this direction and ensure that you hit the right spot. Stand out amongst a crowd and make an impression with your unique packaging design.

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