Make Video marketing an essential part of your Content marketing

We all agree that a picture is worth thousand words but in today’s time, a video is worth 30 pictures a second. If your ad agency in Pune is not churning out video content for your brand, then consider it as a red flag. Your competitors are doing everything to ensure that they stay on the top. Your marketing strategy must be such that your audience don’t miss any update. Haven’t you noticed the sudden increase in video content across all social media platforms? They keep everyone hooked because the voice acts as a stimulus to convey the message. Videos are a perfect platform for delivering emotions. Always remember emotions are contagious and they have a snowball effect. If you want your brand to be the talk of the town, ensure that your creative ad agency is incorporating videos in your communication strategy.

There’s no doubt about the fact that it is thrilling to see your content being shared and liked by thousands of people. You should also jump into the bandwagon of video’s ability to communicate a message clearly and efficiently. Using a video, any product or service can be explained effectively in just a few minutes. Video is also persuasive hence after watching a video, users are more likely to buy a product online. After video posting, it is also noticed that the purchase rate sees a spike. You can’t deny that there’s something about them that makes people take action.

Even in your Social media marketing, video should have a prominent place. YouTube users alone watch more than 3 billion hours of video each month. Video as a part of Content Marketing is clearly in high demand right now. It is still the beginning, make sure to start implementing video into your marketing strategy in 2018 to make most of the situation.

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