A popular TV star recently got married. She looked giddy and gorgeous in all her wedding pictures that she shared on her social profiles because she wanted her fans to be a part of the occasion. But something else happened. The fans of her ex-boyfriend (a popular television star too) took to social media and hurled abuses/insults at the married couple, so much that the girl had to ask her ex-boyfriend to urge his fans to stop the irrational behaviour on social media.

Though this is a high profile case and thus, one that got way too much hype on social media. But, isn’t this something everyone is suffering with these days? Just rewind through the past few weeks of your life and think how many times have the following happened to you?

  • You want to share a joke, but are afraid to offend any community or group
  • You want to appreciate a girl’s beauty, but are afraid that people might tag you as sexually abusive
  • You want to post a video of signing the national anthem proudly, but are afraid that people might object on your pronunciations
  • You have an opinion about a superstar, but are afraid his fans might pelt stones at your house
  • You want to shoo away an animal out of fear, but are more afraid of being labelled as a cruel person

Every post, every update or every tweet is scrutinized today. Every other thing is offensive, every other thing, demeaning. Everyone has an opinion today and as soon as we start making our peace with this fact, someone else has an opinion over that opinion and the never ending chain of opinions and counter-opinions, begins.

Why has media exposure and random social content online become more important than life itself. Are we really progressive? Is life all about having an opinion on each and every thing and proudly posting it online?

For some time, every day, get away from the virtual life of social media and start living a real one. Meet real people. Share jokes. Pull a friend’s leg because you want to. Talk freely about anything under the stars. Have opinions and debate over them. Talk to people and try to understand what they believe in. Because, that is what is important. The craze of social media will fade away; the profiles will deactivate. What will remain is a real life with real people and that is something you would want to hang onto. Because that is not going to change, anytime soon.

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