Who is going to win in 2018 – Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

The word traditional marketing resonates with print magazines, advertisements on Television, bill boards and more. No doubt that they are vehicles of mass communication, but this marketing tool is slowing being taken over by digital marketing tactics. We are not claiming that traditional marketing will become obsolete but catching up with the trends that will be the talk of the town in the next year. Predictions have already projected that mobile penetration should reach 70% by 2022, almost double the total number of users in 2008, buoyed by rising mobile penetration in Asia pacific region, especially in India and China. This means access to digital means is increasing at a rapid rate. According to Forrester, global mobile device usage is expected to reach more than 5.5 billion users by 2022. Hence the need to adapt is critical than ever before! Read on to find out why your brand will need some serious help from Social Media Agency Pune or Digital Marketing Firms in Pune.

2018 will see few trends which will change the face of digital interaction. It is not unknown that in today’s time it is of utmost importance for a brand to stay on the digital space. People are looking up for your brand or service up on the internet. If you are not present or are hidden in the big world of internet, it is likely that your competitor is making its way into the homes of what could have been your customer.

To stay on top of the game in 2018, pay close attention to the following trends:

  • Smart content marketing: Agreed that emergence of digital interaction has shortened our attention span, but people are ready to read if you have something interesting to offer. A Digital Marketing Company Pune cannot function without a creative content department. It’s a chaotic and cluttered space out in the digital world. Despite these limitations, your brand needs to stand out and this is where smart content marketing comes into play.
  • Big data integration: Studying consumer’s behaviour pattern, their likes and dislikes and even socio-economic conditions can divulge a lot of information. Each customer is looking for information specific to him/her. Today’s customers are very demanding and only customisation appeals to them. Hence big data will play even a great role in the coming year.
  • Video marketing: Who doesn’t love to watch something interesting unfurl in front of their eyes in a short time. Therefore, videos are garnering maximum attraction worldwide. Narrate your brand story via video and watch the world talk about it.
  • Invest in social media: Social Media is here to stay and the sooner you accept it, the better it is for your brand. Every individual is accessing any of their social media account at an average of each hour. This means greater chance for your brand to interact with your potential customer. Choose a Social Media Agency Pune wisely and watch your brand go places.
  • Native ads: Another brilliant form of communication to promote a product or service. They are advertisements which don’t look like ads hence don’t get ignored. Native ads get attention which leads to more clicks. You need a good SEO Company in Pune to take you through this tactic.

Are you ready to embrace 2018?  

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