Decoding the Process of a Packaging Design in Agency

Have you ever found yourself strolling in a supermart and picking up products just because the packaging compelled you to do so? This is the potential a good packaging holds. It can transform potential customers into actual customers. We are not denying the fact that the quality of a product is crucial to attract a customer base but the packaging is the first thing one notices. Often brands change their packaging over time because it is essential to stay relevant. Packaging of a product isn’t an overnight process. In fact, Apple has a dedicated secret packaging room within its headquarters in Cupertino, California.

It is crucial for packaging design firms India to understand that a package is created to sell a product. To effectively achieve this goal, there must be a process in place. The process begins when the client briefs about the product. In case it is a launch, then the work begins from scratch but if the product is already in existence then problem identification begins. The team gets together to understand why the present design is unrelatable with the customers. People respond proactively to creative FMCG packaging design. Often a run of the mill design is dismissed in the first glance. Hence research comes in action as every product category has varied specifications. A design which seems apt for a food product will not hold the same value for a sports product. Hence it is necessary to understand the product and the category it belongs to. Once the background is clearer, individual member of the team bring out their ideas across the table. What follows next is brainstorming sessions to try out all possible combinations and permutations.

Once an idea is finalised from the sea of ideas, the sketching begins. A design is not finalised until the perfect sketch is defined. A good packaging design agency Pune pays heed to every intrinsic detail. They understand the product, the brand, the target audience and the communication it must convey. A design if it has to inspire and add value to the brand, it should be well thought of and research centric.

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