How and Why Choosing the Right Packaging Enhances Your Product

Consumers base their purchase decisions and buy products that catch their eye first hence product packaging is integral for a brand to market its products. Presentation is one of the most important methods to look unique in a perfectly competitive marketplace. Here’s a situation worth consideration, two companies A and B produce, launch, market and sell the same kind of product, but company B’s sales figures are much better than that of A’s. Wondering why? There is a really important factor in the entire process that company B seems to have achieved, the right kind of packaging for its products.

Industrial design and product packaging design plays an instrumental role as it depicts the story of the product and brand itself. A well thought and smartly packaged product draws the attention of a wider customer base than a product that is packaged in a rather regular fashion. To achieve this target of being the most sought product in the market, packaging and industrial designs are the one of the most influential factors.

Product design and packaging design can be a challenging factor especially if the product is comparatively smaller. The space, contents, durability of the packaging should be kept in mind while designing a product packaging cover. While doing all of this, of course the main purpose of packaging that is storage, distribution and safety of the product must be maintained or the whole point of packaging is defeated instantly.

The product and packaging design should be done in a manner that it stands out, not too complex, visually appealing, trigger an emotional engagement and create an ever-lasting impact on the consumer’s mind. For example, even after the trouble Maggi went through, its new packaging with double the safety standards helped gain back its wide and varied customer base that it had lost, and even years later be it the younger or older generation, everyone immediately picks the ‘orange packet’ of Tata salt for the kind of image its packaging design has created in the minds of consumers.

Apart from reflecting the personality of the product, packaging design and product design also ensures higher sales figures and better growth prospects for the product in the future because in any normal scenario, customers will pick the better packaged product not only because it is visually appealing but also because a well packaged product is synonymous to a product great in quality and safety. It is just like the choice of a house in an untidy or tidy locality where majority of the people will be obvious to pick the latter to live in.

Imagine investing money and effort in producing a quality product that doesn’t sell because of shabby or bad packaging design. Hence it is, vital to have a good packaging design to along with a quality product to sell to the best of its abilities. There are a few companies in Pune that help you attain this goal and one of them is The Uncommons. The company was established in 2014 and ever since, has being providing overall advertising and branding solutions to companies in the city. To know more about the product packaging services, please check

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