Stay relevant with Twitter & garner maximum engagement

Does your Social Media Marketing plan include promoting on Twitter? Twitter, the social media platform which recently doubled its character limit, is a popular platform for brands. The engagement is high and real-time interaction is very lucrative for brands. To ensure that your brand is reaching the right kind of audience and attracting the right […]

Who is going to win in 2018 – Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

The word traditional marketing resonates with print magazines, advertisements on Television, bill boards and more. No doubt that they are vehicles of mass communication, but this marketing tool is slowing being taken over by digital marketing tactics. We are not claiming that traditional marketing will become obsolete but catching up with the trends that will […]

Things to Consider Before Finalising An Advertising Agency

Every product, no matter how big or small, requires promotion of some capacity to make the audience aware. Without efficient promotion, the product remains a secret and its business objective remains unachieved.  To design promotional activities, a specialised team is required and this is where the requirement of an external advertising comes into play. An […]